Reaching Up, Reaching In, Reaching Out

These are the individuals that Dalesburg Baptist supports beyond our physical reach. They are like-minded partners in ministry sharing the love of God and the message of the Gospel of Christ.

We know that no one enters the Kingdom of God apart from a relationship with Jesus so we are passionate about partnering with others who are spreading the Gospel. We want to see our people grow in their desire to multiply their God-given influence through making disciples of Jesus locally and to the ends of the earth.

Chris & Faith Creech

Serving with Pinnacle Ministries, Chris & Faith teach seminar courses in the US and Asia on ministry health. They also help with pastors and churches in crisis. Chris is the author of Toxic Church and The Antidote.

Caleb & Melissa Nelson

Caleb & Melissa serve with YWAM based in Colorado Springs, CO. They are teaching classes to new students entering YWAM and have gone on several short term mission trips.

Steve & Jayne Ratzlaff

Steve & Jayne currently serve in Chadron, NE in a rural church setting. They are also involved in a local camp – Victory Heights Bible Camp.

Dan & Sandy Varberg

Dan & Sandy serve at Faith Academy in the Philippines, an international Christian school primarily for the children of missionaries in Southeast Asia. Dan oversees the facilities and grounds while Sandy is the schools nurse.